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Examples of completed translation/DTP/Web projects

Electronics industry

  • English website for electronic components information [Translation]
  • Multilingual manuals for multifunction devices and display devices (20 languages) [Translation] [DTP(FrameMaker, InDesign)]
  • Multilingual instruction manuals and online help for measuring instruments (Four languages) [Translation] [DTP (FrameMaker), Compile (RoboHelp)]
  • English and Chinese instruction manuals and catalogs for environmental test systems [Translation] [DTP]
  • Multilingual manuals for industrial machines (Four languages) [Translation] [DTP]
  • Multilingual versions of manuals, catalogs, service manuals and product information websites for machine tools (Four languages) [Translation]
  • Translation and DTP of annual reports (from Japanese to English) [Translation][DTP]
  • Translation of corporate guidelines for internal control (from Japanese to English) [Translation]
  • User interface localization (Japanese, English and German) [Translation]
  • Website localization (10 languages) [Translation]
  • Multilingual versions of various types of manuals for industrial equipment (Six languages) [Translation]
  • Copywriting of corporate information in English [Translation]
  • Multilingual versions of product catalogs (Seven languages) [Translation] [DTP]
  • Copywriting of environmental report websites in English [Translation]


  • Multilingual versions of manuals for AV equipment (16 languages) [Translation]
  • Copywriting of press releases (from Japanese to English) [Translation]
  • Translation of in-house PowerPoint presentation (from Japanese to English) [Translation]
  • English and Chinese versions of manuals for consumer-electronic products [Translation] [DTP]

Financial industry

  • Sales reports(from Japanese to English) [Translation] [DTP]
  • Business reports(from Japanese to English) [Translation]
  • Annual reports(from Japanese to English) [Translation]
  • Internal control documents(English, Chinese and Korean) [Translation] [DTP]
  • Corporate profile(English and Chinese) [Translation] [DTP]
  • Market research reports(English and German) [Translation]
  • Contracts(from Japanese to English) [Translation]
  • Press releases(from Japanese to English) [Translation]

Medical equipment

  • English manuals for medical equipment [Translation] [DTP]
  • English summary statements of drugs and medicines [Translation]


  • Mobile phone guidebooks (from Japanese to English) [Translation] [DTP]
  • Multilingual versions of manuals and catalogs for receivers (Four languages) [Translation]


  • Conversion of syllabus from Word to HTML for web and CD-ROM [DTP] [WEB]

Public institutions

  • Multilingual translation and development of the Kansai International Airport website (English, Chinese and Korean) [Translation] [WEB]

Local governments

  • Promotion activities to attract foreign enterprises and foreign direct investment (Planning and management)
  • English versions of promotional catalogs and pamphlets to attract foreign companies [Translation]
  • Multilingual tour pamphlets and maps (Four languages) [Translation]
  • English and Chinese pamphlets that introduce robotics technology [Translation]