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Website Construction & Redesign

Along with the rapidly changing skills and techniques used to make websites, the needs of users have also changed considerably. Meanwhile, there are many sites that were constructed years ago and have not been updated since, often with functions that are out-of-date or no longer work. Our company can work with you to produce a site renewal plan based on your needs and requests, regardless of the site's language or intended audience.

ida's Website Construction & Redesign

  • We will create an effective site renewal plan based on judging your website's problem areas, and improving on the usability, accessibility, and SEO positioning.
  • By designing and creating a site which takes accessibility and usability into account, we can make the user's experience easier and more enjoyable, allowing them to access the information they need and creating a better branding tool for your company.
  • We propose site design and construction that includes management, as well as web applications such as Content Management Systems (CMS) and site statistics tools.