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Site Management

You could say that the point at which a website is completed is just the beginning. At that point, the user's reaction to and conduct on the new site is still unknown. By continuing to manage and improve the site with accurate analysis and data, you can ensure it will be many time more effective.
At ida, we will handle the management of your multilingual website to maximize the efficiency vs. cost while remaining flexible to your requests for the site.

ida's Site Management

  • Our translation and DTP groups are closely connected, and we offer a wealth of experience and knowledge of multilingual site management.
  • By offering sites that incorporate customized Content Management Systems (CMS), we allow our customers to directly update their content such as news and product catalogs, which saves time and reduces outsourcing costs.
  • By using site statistics tools, we can give your company numerical data about user trends on your website and ensure continuous improvement for the usability and SEO ranking.
  • By using e-newsletter distribution tools and informing your customers about periodic campaigns or new product information, you can increase your number of repeat customers and establish relationships with users. We also offer information distribution in multiple languages by working with our translation group.
  • By using a Feedback Manager to handle user inquiries and add them to a main database, you can improve your marketing and CRM.
  • In order to provide you with the maximum benefit from our application tools, we can prepare the server environment and handle the server management. For customers who already own a server, please contact us regarding our application tools and server maintenance services.
ida's Site Management
ida's Site Management