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E-Newsletter Distribution

Adding the push marketing function of periodic distribution of e-newsletters, which include information such as new products, services, and campaigns, is a good complement to the pull media of your website.
By including links in the e-newsletter that lead to your website, your company can develop a proactive promotion that makes the most of your time and target audience, as well as strengthen the connection between users and your site.

ida's E-Newsletter Distributions

  • By cooperating with our translation group, we can do e-newsletter distributions in multiple languages starting with source material in a single language.
  • By making use of our monitoring tools, we can measure the number of users who have accessed links and the conversion rate of users who were lead to your website by an e-newsletter distribution.
  • Using a web browser, your company can handle the creation, management, and distribution of e-newsletters right from your office.
ida's E-Newsletter Distributions
ida's E-Newsletter Distributions