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Multilingual Site Creation

At ida, we have experts in the areas of 'website construction', 'translation', and 'DTP/multimedia production', with all sections contained within our company. This allows for all aspects of our multilingual site construction and management team to cooperate seamlessly with one another and provide a better product for the customer.
By integrating our translation systems with our web creation/management knowledge, ida is able to offer high-quality web globalization that cannot be matched by companies who only specialize in either web knowledge or translation.

ida's Multilingual Site Creation
ida's Multilingual Site Creation

ida's Multilingual Site Creation

  • By handling all the website construction and translation at one location, we are able to reduce the time and cost needed to complete projects.
  • We have experience in handling over 24 languages for translation, for a variety of industries. (More about "Translation")
  • We can apply 'single-sourcing' - using one content source to generate multiple media formats such as web, DTP (print), CD-ROM, etc. (More about "DTP/Multimedia")
  • We have experience in specialized multilingual site management, a process that uses web application tools developed right in our company.
  • Our native English staff provides high-level checks of English-language sites and can correspond with your company in English.