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Web Solutions

Following the globalization of business in recent years, the importance of marketing your business on the Internet, a system with no time or region restrictions, has become more important. Multilingual websites are no longer just the branding tools used by large enterprises. Even if your company starts with high-quality content, how effective the site will be depends largely on the site construction and management. At ida, we use our many years of knowledge and experience of integrating web content, DTP, and translation services to produce complete and effective web solutions.

Web Creation & Management

Multilingual Website Creation
We implement global web solutions by constructing high-quality multilingual websites and integrating the web, DTP, and translation processes.
Website Construction & Redesign
Starting by appraising and diagnosing your current website, we analyze the problem areas, clarify your site's objectives and target audience, and construct a site that gets results more reliably.
Site Management
For completed sites, we can continue to improve the site's effectiveness through competent management. Using several application tools developed right here at ida, we can ensure the efficient and effective management of your site, according to your requests. We will also provide the distinctive know-how necessary for managing multilingual sites.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We use SEO policies according to web standards to ensure effective SEO and consistency on several types of search engine and in multiple languages.
Hosting & Server Management
We offer complete solutions starting with translating web content, and including site construction and the usage of applications. As necessary, our company can also prepare and manage the server responsibilities. If your company already has their own server, we offer consultation services to decide which of our application tools and server maintenance packages is right for you.

Web Application Development

Our individually-developed web application tools are useful for customizing and managing your website. Using these tools allows your company to maximize the efficiency vs. cost and provide enough functions according to your requirements and the scope of the site. ida's web applications can also support multilingual site management.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
By using an automatic update system powered by a database, your company can directly make changes to content on your website in a timely and effective manner. Also, for multilingual sites, each language's site can have a different person in charge of the direct updates.
Site Statistics Tools
Analyzing user access trends and changing the management of your site based on that information is a good way to improve your site's results and design SEO strategies.
E-Newsletter Distribution Tools
Periodic electronic news distribution together with effective web marketing is one of the best methods for increasing the number of your company's repeat customers.
Feedback Manager
The centralized management of user information, gathered from user inquiries to your website, is useful for your company's marketing and customer relationship management (CRM).

* For services using ida's application tools, you can make the maximum use of the tools by using our hosting servers. For private servers, we will need to install software and assess your server's environment, so please contact us for information regarding each type of service.

ida's Web Solutions
ida's Web Solutions