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Web Solutions

Hosting & Server Management

We offer complete web solutions starting with translating content, and including site construction and the usage of applications. As necessary, our company can also prepare and manage your server. This allows for a speedy and flexible solution to suit your needs. If your company already has their own server, we offer consultation services to decide which of our application tools and server maintenance packages is right for you.

ida's Hosting & Server Management

  • By allowing us to manage your server hosting, your company can control costs associated with application development and implementation.
  • By allowing us to manage your server hosting, you can rest assured that any problems that occur with the site will be handled by us in a speedy manner.
  • We will coordinate the server environment and applications to your requests.
  • According to your needs and the scope of your site, you can choose either a shared server or dedicated server.

Dedicated Server

  • More space: You can use up to 120 GB of disk space.
  • Faster: Your company alone controls 100% of the server's capacity.
  • More flexible: Use various application extensions to meet your demands.
  • More secure: No other company's data or management will intervene, creating a safer server environment.


  • No technical knowledge of server administration or experience necessary.
  • Allows the use of an affordable high-speed network.
  • Cuts down the time and cost of server maintenance.
  • Allows your company to keep its private network separate, ensuring higher security.
  • If you already have a private server or are using another company's services for your website, please contact us about switching servers and recommending your company a better plan.