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Content Management Systems (CMS)

For frequently updated content, in order to reduce the time and cost associated with requesting changes, confirming them, and then proofreading the content every time you want to update your website, many companies are turning to Content Management Systems (CMS).
You can control content with frequent updates such as news and product catalogs by using an update system powered with a database. This allows your company to directly make changes to text and pictures on your website in a timely and effective manner.

ida's Content Management Systems

  • We will customize the CMS tools to meet the needs of your company. In doing so, we assure that costs are kept down and that the system contains only the necessary functions.
  • You can make updates from anywhere, 24 hours a day with a web browser.
  • A CMS can also be used for updates to multilingual sites. Our translation and DTP groups work together and we have a wealth of experience, so we can provide a flexible solution according to your requests and your site's design.
  • For product pages that contain a CMS, it is easier to later add a product search system.
ida's Content Management Systems
ida's Content Management Systems