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Site Statistics & Analysis

At ida, as well as handling website design and management, we also offer site statistics software developed in-house. We develop strategies for improving your site's objectives, based on analysis of the number of times pages are accessed, most popular pages, most popular keywords, user trends, etc. This helps in making your search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing more effective.

ida's Site Statistics & Analysis

- Log file analysis -

We analyze access logs saved on the web server with our own log analysis software.

  • We can customize the analysis based on your requests and any problem areas the site may have.
  • We will propose a plan which meets your needs and which is based on the analysis of numerical data and the site's problem areas.

- Monitoring tools (Embedded analysis tags) -

When you need a more accurate analysis than log files can offer, or want to squeeze more information out of site statistics, we can include tags directly embedded in your web pages that provide detailed information to our monitoring tools.

  • You can measure the number of banner clicks, inquiries, the conversion rate from application pages, or even convert the results from a specific campaign into numerical values.
  • You can see the number of clicks from an e-newsletter link or analyze the behaviour of users who visit your site from the e-newsletter.