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Multilingual Translation

Repeat business with our clients

At ida, translation jobs are handled by translators who have a specialty in the document's subject and lots of experience. For example, when translating from Japanese to English, we will have a technical writer do a native check and ensure that a translation editor does a final check of the material.
Many of our clients continue to bring jobs to us, trusting our quality of service, and we make sure to honour that trust.

A worldwide network of multilingual translators

We have formed a network of translators in Asia, North America, and Europe, who work in a number of different languages. They bring with them the necessary expertise to each job such as knowledge in different fields, and regional vocabulary and usage, which allows us to shorten the project delivery time.

Native checks in either English or Japanese

We use English as a base language for all of our multilingual translations, and we have both English and Japanese staff who can correspond in your chosen language.

Getting the most from your translation assets

By using computer-assisted translation (translation memory) tools such as Trados, we can develop a terminology database and a translation memory database that stores all previously translated sentences. This allows us to accelerate the delivery time of materials while decreasing the cost. As well, computer-assisted translation tools support over 20 languages, making them a powerful collaboration system when simultaneously releasing a product to the global market.

Project Manager

The project manager's role is to understand the different requirements for a given project, and to organize a team composed of the translator, the translation editor, and the checkers. They manage aspects of quality, cost, and scheduling, and ensure that the work order of the DTP and web production runs smoothly. The project manager's quick responses to inquiries and deep understanding of the document's content leads to a sense of trust among our clients.

Translation into over 40 languages