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Global Business Solutions

From Japan to the world, and from the world to Japan, it's not easy for companies who want develop their business globally to break down the linguistic and cultural walls facing information on their products and services. However, by using each type of media to its maximum potential, your company can get an immense value from the marketplace.
At ida, we have three groups: multilingual translation, desktop publishing (DTP), and web production. They work in conjunction to arrange effective, efficient multilingual solutions for your company.

ida's Multilingual Solutions

  • Three work groups who coordinate seamlessly to create effective multilingual media
  • Proven knowledge and experience specialized for multilingual businesses
  • Web marketing using applications developed in-house
  • English and Japanese staff who ensure language quality and handle communication

Multilingual Translation

We have a network of translators working in over 40 languages with a wide variety of specialty fields. We can respond to your company's requests for high-quality, speedy service with thorough communication about the project. We use Japan as a base for the centralized management of your multilingual documents.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

We have eight years' experience and a thorough knowledge of global standards in localizing content into multiple languages using English as a base. This allows us to prepare catalogs and manuals, needed for the simultaneous release of a new product into world markets, in a timely manner.

Web Solutions

By working closely with our translation group, we implement efficient multilingual website creation and management. We use our wealth of knowledge and applications to aid your global web marketing.

Native English staff available for correspondence

Our business environment here at ida operates in both English and Japanese, and we have staff who are able to correspond in either language. For international corporations, this means that you can have an English project coordinator to handle your requests and ensure smooth communication with your company. Also, our three teams, translation, DTP, and web, all work closely together, ensuring that any requests you make will be reflected in whole project.

Sharing the latest project information through centralized management of data

At ida, we handle all aspects of our global business services together: translation, desktop publishing (DTP), and web content. For example, we use one set of translated data for both DTP and web content, which allows us to maintain consistency in terminology, accelerate delivery time, and keep overlapping costs down.
We develop multilingual translations from an English base, which makes the centralized management of data very important. It allows us to use media assets efficiently according to your company's requests.