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Creating efficient multilingual catalogs & manuals

In today's world, the market is becoming increasingly global and production and sales bases are becoming decentralized, creating a rising demand for multilingual catalogs and manuals. It has become indispensable to prepare multilingual documents and an effective foreign marketing campaign in conjunction with the simultaneous worldwide release of a new product. At ida, our independent groups work with specialized knowledge and complete the translation and DTP of your multilingual documents to meet your needs.

Speedy translation services & technical term accumulation

Our translation and DTP groups work together and are in constant contact with each other from the time the translation begins until the job is completed.

  • Each client has a coordinator in charge of their project who develops a deep understanding of their product.
  • The specific terminology for each industry and company is accumulated during the translation process. Explanations from the client are reflected in the translation of the catalog/manual.

Completing the latest multilingual environment with various platforms & software

When doing projects in several languages and handling data from all over the world, in order to avoid incorrect encoding and ensure that work proceeds quickly, a work environment that supports multiple languages is essential. At ida, we have created a modern work environment that supports multiple languages.

  • Some languages are not fully supported by a Japanese language OS, so our computer systems generally have both an English OS and Japanese OS.
  • We have platforms in many languages, such as German and French, and we can get others as requested.

Increased efficiency with computer-assisted translation (Trados®) & DTP software

We use Trados when translating manuals and create layout templates using FrameMaker and InDesign.

  • It helps to maintain consistency among terms.
  • It shortens the layout editing process. For example, it allows us to complete manuals in 18 languages at the same time.

Data backup management systems

We maintain and manage the digital data produced from our work as one of our clients' most important resources.

  • The latest data is automatically backed up at fixed intervals.
  • We verify the latest data periodically so that even data that is updated frequently will be correct.

Film output for all languages

In previous years, for certain highly requested languages such as Chinese, Korean, Czech, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabian, etc., it has not been possible to output film directly from text data. Using an English OS, our company can support film output by creating outline data of the material to be printed. By using this method, it's possible to simultaneously print multiple languages and keep costs down.

Online help and software localization

At ida, using software such as RoboHelp®, we can respond to a variety of requests for application localization and create multilingual versions of online help. Also, by using the various language platforms collected at our company, we can perform a final check on the software's user interface in the software's language.


PDF, graphical data, CD-ROM, colour output, film, simple printing, colour printing, book binding
From small to large print runs, we can deliver goods to meet your budget and timeframe requirements.