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Message from the President

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Welcome to ida Corporation. Right from our inception in 1997, ida has been providing three distinct yet synergistic services, namely, multilingual translation, desktop publishing (DTP) and website design and administration.

These “three pillars” on which we stand make us uniquely suited to provide optimum solutions to companies who have or seek a global reach. Just one of the advantages our synergistic structure provides is the ability to create a unified and consistent company image across a range of different media from websites and company brochures and manuals to in-house publications and presentations.

We take pride in our work, constantly refining our processes and following the latest industry trends to ensure that we offer quality, customer-orientated services that are second to none. ida enjoys an exceptional reputation, that results from the dedication and hard work of our team. Our success is due not only to the high quality of our work, but also to our commitment to matching the interests and requirements of our customers.

Our website provides a wealth of information about how we can meet your translation, DTP and website service needs, so please have a look around and see what makes us stand out from the competition. We look forward to establishing a long and fruitful relationship with you, and thank you for your interest in our company.


Tod Baudin